American Folk Music from LA im Haus Eifgen: The Brothers Landau

Cello. Guitar. Magic

Sounds like Kings of Convenience, Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, James Taylor, Iron and Wine, Mumford & Sons -The Brothers Landau 

The Brothers Landau heissen nicht nur so, sondern sind auch neben der Bühne Brüder. Serviert bekommt das Publikum amerikanische Folkmusik vom Feinsten. 

Daniel Landau spielt Gitarre und begeistert mit seiner warmen, weichen Stimme. Mit beeindruckender Range lässt er das Publikum abtauchen in die wunderbaren Eigenkompositionen. 

David Landau begleitet mit Gesang und Cello. Es muss wohl der Verwandtschaft geschuldet sein, dass die Stimmen einerseits perfekt harmonierten und auf der anderen Seite doch so unterschiedlich klingen. David Landau streicht, streichelt, zupft und klopft auf seinem Cello und erzeugt damit Klänge, die den Melodien noch mehr Leben einhauchen.

Los Angeles-based cello-guitar duo The Brothers Landau craft original American folk music with a modern sound guaranteed to get stuck in your head and your heart. Members Daniel and David Landau embarked on a songwriting odyssey that has produced a full studio album, Parallax, and brought them around the United States and the world to perform. Their original music has been featured in the feature-length documentary Mamaliga Blues, taken to New Zealand on Road Trip Nation (PBS), and played on USC Radio. They have shared bills with Alison Brie (the Girls), Sara Watkins (from Nickel Creek), Katharine McPhee, Dustbowl Revival, the Wild Reeds, Local Natives, Priscilla Ahn, and even British dubstep star Rusko. 

Immediately accessible to everyone without being condescending to the discerning listener, the Brothers consistently utilize dynamics, counterpoint, and catchy melodies to entertain, enthuse, and infuse audiences with an optimistic and soothingly familiar energy, much like being with good friends after a lousy week. David’s cello relates sounds from deep within, ranging from strong and soulful to sweetly melancholic, while Daniel’s guitar provides rhythmic progressions and chords alternately complementary and conflicting, all as the Brothers’ voices bring everything into one unique sonic experience. 

Over their decade of playing and composing, the Brothers have refined their sound performing in venues all over the U.S., Germany, France, and Switzerland. They have established audiences in San Francisco, Sacramento, Seattle, and Omaha, and recently completed a tour of Europe. The have also toured Brazil with Smithfield Bargain. When not touring, the Brothers keep a fairly regular performance schedule and host a concert series to promote local musicians: Sound & Sight. They are currently recording their second studio album.

Mittwoch, 04.09., 20:00 Uhr • Haus Eifgen, Eifgen 1,42929 Wermelskirchen • Eintritt kostenlos • Um eine Spende wird gebeten

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